Caged Barrier Guard Multi Feeder

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#YSFF Pole Flange (Optional):

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Shown above used as a caged double suet cake feeder

4 Barrier Guarded Feeders All in One!

Caged Double Suet Feeder
Caged Seed Cylinder (Seed Log) Feeder
Caged Mealworm or Jelly Feeder
Caged Seed and Peanut Tube Feeder

The most versatile barrier guarded feeder on the market!

Steel construction - wire "cage" surrounds a black vinyl coated double suet cage, black zinc plated seed cyclinder pin, glass dish and metal retaining cup for dispensing mealworms, jelly or fruit, and a stainless steel screened seed tube holder for sunflower, safflower, mixed seed or shelled peanuts (holds approximately 3 lbs). Switch out any of these feeder components throughout the year to attract specific types of birds to your yard. The included large knurled tightening nut allows easy changover of feeder options. The entire feeder unit is capped top and bottom by fluted steel discs with a durable beautiful copper tint finish. The 1-1/2" openings on cage allows all birds the size of Downy Woodpeckers, Bluebirds and smaller to feed. No squirrels, no blackbirds, no starlings! This feeder has it all! Proudly made in the USA!

Mounting: Hang (hanging cable included as shown below) or Pole Mount using our Slip Fit Pole Mounting Flange (sold separately - see below)

Dimensions: 14" x 18" 

Erva Caged Barrier Guard Multi Feeder

The Caged Barrier Guard Multi Feeder comes with 5 components: 1) Caged Barrier Guard, 2) Wire Mesh Seed Holder, 3) Fruit/Seed Log Pin, 4) Double Suet Cage, and 5) Glass Mealworm or Jelly Dish.

Erva Caged Barrier Guard Multi Feeder

Caged Barrier Guard All In One Feeder

Optional Slip Fit Pole Mount Flange! Available at checkout

Pole Mounting is easy with the #YSFF Slip Fit Flange (sold separately). Simply remove tightening knob and thread flange onto bottom of feeder—it’s threaded and will work on all caged barrier guarded feeders.

Made in the USA