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Mealworms - Tenebrio molitor

  • Mealworms are an excellent source of protein for a wide variety of pets. 
  • Birds, reptiles, amphibians and small animals will all benefit from a diverse but complete diet containing mealworms. 
  • Manufactured foods cannot reproduce the natural nutrients and digestibility of all natural mealworms.
  • If you enjoy feeding wild birds, medium and large mealworms are great for attracting an incredible diversity of birds.
  • The ideal temperature range for storage is 42 degrees farenheit to 55 degrees farenheit.
  • Refrigerated mealworms will live for several weeks when care instructions are followed properly.
  • Available in five sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Please specify desired size when ordering.

Mealworm Sizes

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 Mealworm Sizes

Optional Mealworm Bedding Available!
Please note: Mealworm Bedding shipped separately. UPS Ground shipping and handling charges included in mealworm bedding price at checkout.

Why buy mealworms from Songbird Garden?

We believe that you should demand more from your mealworm supplier. Here are some of the reasons that set Songbird Garden mealworms apart from the crowd:

Shipping - Orders are shipped either USPS Priority Mail (Typically 2-3 day service to most areas from the day your order is shipped), or, UPS Next Day Air. Select mealworm size and shipping method at checkout. Our mealworms are packaged to assure delivery in optimum condition.

Please Note: Feeder accessories and all other products in our store must be ordered and shipped separately. If other items are combined on the same order with live mealworms, additional shipping charges will be added to your invoice after checkout. Standard FedEx/UPS/USPS Ground rates apply for all shipped items. Orders are shipped Monday through Thursday only (excluding holidays). Orders cannot be cancelled.

Live Delivery Guarantee - We are confident that you will be satisfied with the product you receive. However, if there is a problem with your order upon delivery, simply contact us within 24 hours of delivery for a replacement. Read our Live Guarantee Policy

Orders Shipped Next Business Day - Order by 10:00 PM Eastern Time, and we will ship your order the next business day (Monday - Thursday only). Our central location in the heart of the country allows us to provide high quality and flexible customer service to all U.S. locations.

Our mealworms are tested for nutritional value to assist the customer in providing a diverse and healthy diet. The nutritional make up of a mealworm is approximately 60% moisture, 20% protein, 14% fat, 5% other, and 1% ash. 

Why Feed Mealworms to Bluebirds? 
  • Entice them to use a nest box
  • Assist the incubating female to find food quickly so she does not have to leave her eggs for long periods of time
  • Act as supplementary food for nestings if food becomes scarce when weather conditions prevent the parents from finding insects
  • Help them survive during spells of severe winter weather
  • Mealworms are an excellent supplement to bird feeding as they provide additional protein to bluebirds' regular diet of 85% insects and 15% seeds
  • Mealworms are not really worms at all but are the larval form of the darkling beetle. They are clean, easy to care for; do not carry human diseases and most importantly are a nutritious food supplement readily accepted by bluebirds.

Feeder Placement

Place the feeder in the open - within the bluebird's clear view from one of their favorite perches. Once discovered and the birds are taking the food, you can move it gradually to a more desired location. Do not mount the feeder on an occupied birdhouse, this may attract unwanted birds and critters to the birdhouse - risking problems. 

Recommended Feeders:

We believe the Songbird Cedar SC1050 post mount and SE557 post mount or hanging feeders are the best on the market.  The SE557 is actually designed as a 3-step training feeder that any bluebird can learn to use. 

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Mealworm Care Instructions