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Waxworms - Galleria mellonella

Waxworms are the larval stage of the Greater Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella).

Waxworms for Pet Food

Waxworms are a widely used food source for both caged and wild birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small animals such as sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Waxworms are soft bodied, fat grubs with small heads. They make an excellent addition to your pets’ diet. Waxworms are about the best food for sick or malnourished animals, quickly allowing the animal to gain weight.

One of the best ways to keep animals healthy is to provide a diverse diet. Waxworms are a fantastic way of providing nutritional diversity. Animals absolutely love the taste of them. Waxworms are easily digested and a favorite food source of many pets and fish.

Waxworms for Wild Birds 

Live Waxworms will entice insect-eaters to your feeder. We’ve taken a tip from our friends in England, who always feed live waxworms to their garden birds. Plumper than mealworms, live waxworms appeal to bluebirds, flickers, woodpeckers, and others and provide protein, potassium and fat to their diet.  

Birds that enjoy this feed: bluebirds, cardinals, flickers, jays, kinglets, orioles, robins, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers and others. 

Waxworms for Fishing 

Large, milky-white waxworms make dynamite bait for trout, small bass, small channel catfish, whitefish and panfish such as perch, crappie and bluegill. Some days, panfish will hit nothing else. Meatier than spikes (maggots), wax worms share the same creamy-white color.

Waxworms are commonly used for ice fishing or in open water. Keep them fresh and lively by preventing them from freezing and change your bait frequently. Tobacco tins kept in an inside pocket are popular and effective. A tip for targeting bigger fish, or fishing in murky water is to use waxworms, instead of smaller baits.

Waxworm use is not limited to winter fishing. Keep fish interested during the open water season by using wax worms effectively. Especially after a weather front, or when heavily pressured, larger panfish will often respond to these tasty morsels when they will not respond to worms or minnows. Because fewer anglers are using waxworms, they are different from the usual bait that fish are used to seeing in heavily fished waters.

Shipping Bulk Waxworms

Our Bulk 1000 Count Waxworms are shipped one of two ways: 1) Without Bedding, or, 2) Packaged in four 250ct cups with wood shaving bedding.  Select packaging method at checkout.

1) Our standard bulk waxworms are shipped overnight in heavy, ventilated screened boxes without bedding. The bedding material is not necessary in overnight shipping; however, it is important that shortly after you receive your bulk shipment that you transfer the waxworms into smaller 100-250 count cups or containers with ventilated lids.  Add a 1"-2" layer of sawdust or wood shavings (aspen or pine shavings) to the bottom of the container then transfer the worms.  Aspen or pine shavings is the same material used to line hamster cages.  You can find this material at any pet supply or big box store such as Wal-Mart.  The bedding material wicks off any moisture that may develop inside trhe container and can help keep your waxworms in storage longer.  If the bedding becomes moist lids should be removed to allow moisture to escape, or replace the bedding.  

2) For just few dollars more you can have your waxworms shipped in pre-packaged 250 count cups with wood shaving bedding. When you receive your waxworm shipment you can simply leave the waxworms in the cups they are shipped in. You'll love the convenience!

Please read our Waxworm Care Instructions below.

Why buy waxworms from Songbird Garden?

We believe that you should demand more from your waxworm supplier.  Here are some of the reasons that set Songbird Garden waxworms apart from the crowd:

Extreme Overcounts - Nobody gives you more!  Every order you place includes an additional 20% more for FREE. You never again have to worry about the few waxworms that are injured in the packing or shipping process.   

Overnight Shipping - All orders shipped via UPS Overnight Service (Select Overnight Shipping at checkout)

Please Note: Feeder accessories and all other products must be ordered and shipped separately.  Standard UPS Ground rates apply for all shipped dry goods. We will email you to confirm any additional shipping charges before they are added to your invoice. Orders are shipped Monday through Thursday only (excluding holidays). Orders cannot be cancelled

100% Satisfaction/Health Guarantee - We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the product you receive.  However, if there is a problem with your order upon delivery, simply contact us for a replacement.  Read our Live Guarantee Policy

Same Day Shipping till 2pm EST - Order by 2pm EST, and we will ship your order out that same day (Monday - Thursday only). Our central location in the heart of the country allows us to provide high quality and flexible customer service to all U.S. locations.

Our waxworms are tested for nutritional value to assist the customer in providing a diverse and healthy diet. The nutritional make up of a wax worm is approximately 62.6% moisture, 15.8% protein, 20.4% fat, .4% other, and .8% ash. 

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Waxworm Care Instructions

Ideal Temperature, Storage and Maintenance

Songbird Garden waxworms can be stored for 3-4 weeks or longer if kept at 50-60° F. This is the ideal temperature for waxworms; however, most refrigerators are colder than this. Often, the butter tray on the door of your refrigerator is the best place to find this ideal temperature. It's better to keep waxworms at room temp with low humidity than it is to store them in a refrigerator that is colder than 40° F in its warmest area.

Our cupped waxworms should be stored in the cup they arrive in. Waxworms have entered a stage in their life cycle where they no longer consume food. They are living off the fat supplies in their bodies. This means you'll see them growing smaller the longer you keep them. Always remove any dead (black) waxworms from the container. It's extremely important that they be stored in low humidity. If you use bedding and it becomes moist lids should be removed to allow moisture to escape. Bedding material can include sawdust or aspen/pine shavings (the same material used in hamster cages).