Fliteline Hummingbird Feeder 30 oz. Twin Pack

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Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard!

  • 3 Bee Repellent Nectar Stations
  • 30 oz. capacity
  • Large Mouth, Snap Apart Base for Easy Cleaning
  • Flat Top for Easy Filling
  • Hourglass-shaped clear plastic reservoir
  • Red plastic base with yellow flowers
  • Perches
  • Pole Mount or Hang
  • Made in the USA

Snap-apart base makes for easy cleaning. Wide mouth reservoir with flat top sits flat on counter for easy filling. Hummingbirds can feast "on the wing" or rest on perches while sipping your own sugar-water concoction.

Hummingbirds require a large amount of nectar daily to replenish the enormous amount of energy they expend. This simple feeder holds 30 ounces of nectar; enough to keep a crowd of hummingbirds happy. Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors, especially red.

Two Feeders/Twin Pack

Save $$ when you buy two feeders!