Best-1 8 oz Hummingbird Feeder Twin Pack

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These feeders attract hummingbirds!

Best-1 has developed a strong reputation for providing reliable, effective and durable products. The popular and well-built Best-1 Hummingbird feeders are the result of many years of field testing and experimentation. This model features 8 feeding ports that are countersunk to keep bees and wasps from drinking the nectar. The bright red plastic feeding station is made of Hi-Impact Styrene, approved by the FDA, with UV stabilizer added. A convenient and safe perching ring circles the entire base allowing ample room for plenty of hummingbirds and a great view from any angle! The 8 oz. glass bottle is easy to remove, hand wash, and refill. Remember to hang this smaller feeder out of windy areas. Gift boxed. Made in the USA!

Nectar Capacity: 8oz

Two 8 oz. Feeders/Pack

Best-1 8 oz. Hummingbird Feeder