Bird Feeders


The ideal bird feeder is sturdy enough to withstand winter weather and squirrels, tight enough to keep seeds dry, easy to assemble and, most important of all, easy to fill and keep clean.

To attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard, provide several different feeder types offering a variety of foods. You’ll find that some species are more likely to use one kind of feeder over another. 

Our expansive Bird Feeder category offers many different styles to choose from including Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeders, Nyjer (Finch) Feeders, Tubular Feeders, Hopper Feeders, Tray or Platform Feeders, Suet Feeders, Squirrel-Proof Feeders, Bluebird Feeders, Oriole Feeders, and Window Feeders just to name a few. Our bird feeders are quality crafted out of a variety of durable materials including western red cedar, metal, glass, wire mesh, poly-carbonate, recycled plastic, and other construction. Most of the bird feeder products we carry are proudly made in the USA!

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