Bird Houses


Not all birds nest and rear their young in houses. Those that do are species that seek out natural cavities in trees. Of some 85 North American species that nest in cavities, about three dozen also will nest in birdhouses. Some of the most common backyard birds that use houses are chickadees, titmice, bluebirds and wrens. But you can attract other species depending on what kind of habitat you have in or near your yard—and the kind of box you put up. But first, you want to make sure you’re choosing a box that will help, not harm, your tenants.

We offer a wide selection of decorative and functional nest boxes for every species including Bluebird Houses, Wren/Chickadee Houses, Woodpecker Houses, Purple Martin Houses, Owl Houses, Wood Duck Houses and more. Our bird houses are quality crafted out of western red cedar, eastern white pine, cypress, aluminum, recycled plastic (poly lumber), as well as other man-made and all natural materials. 

Our extensive bird house category selection has you covered! Shop for functional species specific bird houses, birdhouse collections, winter roosting boxes, nesting pockets, edible seeded birdhouses, decorative birdhouses, whimsical and novelty birdhouses, birdhouse kits and much more! You may also be interested in Bird House Poles and Accessories, Bird Feeders, Wild Bird AccessoriesBird Baths and Accessories, and Wild Bird Seed, Suet, Food