Songbird Heated Birdbath w/Ivy Leaf Stand Green

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Provide ice-free water for songbirds all winter long!

Keeps water ice-free in temperatures down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit!

Songbird Heated Pedestal Birdbath with Ivy Leaf Stand - Beautiful Olive Green bowl, molded perfectly so birds can be provided with a water source year round. Made of 50% recycled ABS plastic, manufactured in the USA. Black stand, ships collapsed for shipping, easy to assemble, no tools required. Thermostatically controlled. 2 ft. cord length. 4 year warranty on material and workmanship. Available in beautiful Bay Wave White, Black or Olive Green bowl colors. 20" diameter x 6" high (depth), molded perfectly so birds can be provided with a water source year round. 

Tip: Place a few flat stones in the birdbath to give birds a shallow-depth ledge on which to perch.


* Includes black collapsible stand with Ivy Leaf motif
* 4 Year Warranty
* Thermostatically controlled
* Bowl is made of 50% recycled ABS plastic
* Easy to clean
* Made in the USA

Power Specification: 120 Volts/125.6 Watts/60 Hz

Bowl Color: Bay Wave White, Black, or Olive Green

Dimensions: 18.5" x 18.5" x 24" High; Weight 9 lbs.

Made in the USA

Eco-Friendly Product!