Robin Roost Cedar & Poly Nesting Platform Red

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A cozy roofed niche for nesting backyard birds!

Made of cedar and earth-friendly recycled poly lumber!

This roost is very easy to hang with pre-drilled mounting holes!

Open roost design makes it easy to clean out from year to year!

Not all birds will take up residence in a bird house. Species such as song sparrows, catbirds, thrashers, phoebes, robins and barn swallows like to raise their families in an open-front platform nest. This simple perch may be placed under the eaves, inside a garage or barn, on the side of a building or fence. It offers protection from elements and requires no maintenance. Our Robin Roost Nesting Platform provides a cozy little niche in which to build a nest. The body is made of 7/8" natural cedar and the roof and front panel made of recycled poly lumber. It's built to last through many seasons of nest-building. Wall mount. Nesting material sold separately. Made in the USA!


* Open roost design mimics what Robins search for in nature
* Made of clear cedar and eco-friendly recycled poly lumber
* Recycled poly lumber is guaranteed not to crack, split, or fade
* Open design and recycled poly lumber allows for easy cleaning

Roof color: Red

Dimensions: 11"W X 12"H X 8"D

Made in the USA

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Robin Roost Cedar and Poly Nesting Platform

Eco-Friendly Product