Cricket Storage and Display Case

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Revolutionized Cricket Care!

Bonus - Includes 6 lb. Bag of Cricket Food, Easy Water Crystals (Makes 1 Gallon), and 20 Pack Egg Crates!

We are excited to bring you our new version of the popular Cricket Storage and Display Case. This lightweight and easily assembled version is the perfect way to care and handle bulk crickets. The Cricket Storage Case is excellent for keeping live crickets healthy, well-ventilated, odor-free, and easily accessible. Not only is it attractive, it's so functional that you won't have to struggle to maintain your cricket supply. The storage and display case is 41” tall, 15 1/2" wide and 23 1/2” long. The holding area is designed to hold 3000 crickets, from adult through 2/3” size or 5000 crickets 1/2” through 1/4” size.


* Four sided venting system allow for max air flow.
* Removable bottom screen for easy clean out.
* Hinged top screen for easy open and closing.
* Constructed in lightweight plastic and aluminum.

Breeders and Hobbyists... Do you keep a lot of crickets at home? Even aquariums and plastic tubs can be cumbersome and hard to clean. Pet stores nationwide have been long enjoying the cleanliness and ease of our Live Cricket Storage Case...maybe it's time for you to consider investing in one. Wouldn't you like less cricket mortality, easier cleanup, and convenient access to your live food? Of course you would! Our Cricket Storage and Display Case is the solution!

Dimensions: 41" tall, 15 1/2" wide and 23 1/2” long

Note: Ships dimensional oversized via UPS Ground Service. Additional freight charges may be required depending on order quantity and destination zone. Live crickets must be ordered separately.